Effort That Matters Not Win Or Loss

In the finale scene of the Coach Carter movie, Coach Ken Carter goes inside the locker room where all Richmond High players are sitting dejected after losing the final game. It is then Coach Carter said something, something that made players (and also me) to accept what we are most afraid of, the loss. Here, what he said, “Well… Not quite your storybook ending. Huh. Not for us anyway. But you men played like champions… You never gave up. And champions hold their heads high. What you achieved goes way beyond the win-loss column or what’s gonna be written on the front page of the sports section tomorrow. You’ve achieved something that some people spend their whole lives trying to find… what you achieved is that ever elusive victory within, and gentlemen… I am so proud of you.”


It is all about winning and winning for all of us. It is not your fault, but we are hardwired to think in such a way. We only seek contentment in wins, and profits. The defeat and loss is something to frown upon. It is a crime to be on the losing side. And the only measure for the success is to win, and win at any cost. But what If I tell you, there is a kind of peace in loss also. You can be happy and satisfied even if you are on losing side.

We never think that we are going to lose or fail someday. But we do lose, we do fail. And it’s okay, nothing to cry upon. The fact is winning or losing is not in our hands. What is in our hands? To make the efforts. Like Gandhi has said, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” It is effort that matters, not win or loss.

But the above statement should not be misread as an escape to put no effort and not to win. The above statement actually means to seek contentment in the things, we can control, not in things that we cannot. It says to put all the effort, one can, and irrespective of the outcome, one should cherish the fact, he has done something to be proud of. And prepare oneself for the next time, and when the time arrives, go hard as one can go.

As Helen Keller, renowned American author and political activist, once said, “Be of good cheer. Do not think of today’s failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles. Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.”

Six places to get inspired.

When I said, Inspiration is something that ignites a spark in your heart, in my previous blog post, What is Inspiration? And How to find It? You might be thinking about travelling far to some exotic places, or doing something stupid and incredibly dangerous that you want to do. However, in reality, inspiration comes from ordinary places, places like you and me live in. Remember what my arts teacher has said, It is inside you. It is all about the way you feel. And here you go with my top six picks where you can really feel it, only if you want to

Coffee Shops



There is a saying in France, if there is heaven in this world, it ought to be the coffee shop. Nope, there is no such saying, I who said it. But seriously, there is something in coffee shops that arouse your senses, allows you to free yourself, a little bit and make you think from a different perspective. Though there is no theory to define such effect, but I do feel in this way. Maybe because of pretty faces, faces with untold stories or anything else. Whatever, it is, when you are in the coffee shop, you certainly going to feel inspired. Oh! Don’t forget to carry your notebook and pencil. Laptop is so passé.

Metro Stations/Railway Stations


Like coffee shops, metro and railway stations have thousands of untold stories, stories that want to be heard. And one thing I absolutely love about Metro/Railway stations, that you can bump into anyone without feeling awkward and carry out a conversation. Something that coffee shops do not offer.

Flea Market


I love the chaos of Flee Market. Everything is disorganized, but in some way, it is all organized. You never know what kind of stuff you are going to see in a flee market, a hardbound hundred year old copy of Frankenstein, without a single mark for hundred rupees only or a Jamini Roy that seems fake. It is kind of thing that you might love or hate. In my case, I love it.

Public Parks


Public parks have their own charm. Kids being busy in their nuances, oldies with their card games and chess boards, and ladies with their kind gossip. It’s all there except you.



You very well know why I have included them on the list. They may be the quietest place of everything I have mentioned. But they are not quiet in actuality. When you pick a random book out of shelf, and open a random page without knowing what is going to be there, then start leafing through after you read the first passage, the feeling to know more, is inspiration. And that’s all you want.

Farmers’ Market


Your mother might have forced you to be there. But they are not such a bad place, in reality. The smell and chaos might be overwhelming but it is all one wants, the chaos. Like Nietzsche said it, “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”



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10 Things My Father Taught Me About Life


1. Family is First.
Damn everything, the family is first, he always say that. Whenever there is a situation to choose between personal happiness and family. Choose family over your happiness. I perfectly remember how he sacrificed his bonus cheque, just to buy us our first computer over his bike. He said to ma, my kids need that computer much than me need to have a bike; I can still go with my old scooter to my office.

2. Everything can be solved. Only with TALK.
He says, if you don’t talk, then how somebody supposed to know your problem, when you don’t tell them. How somebody supposed to help you. All you need, Talk. Just let it out. Because if you don’t, you are just killing those precious moments when you can be happy. So talk, and let it out. Because there is solution only when you talk.

3. Treat your lady as the Queen.
She may be the princess of her daddy, but she is the queen of your kingdom. Because her daddy have three princess, but you only got one queen (just to poke ma). Seriously, she can have her career and happiness but she sacrificed it for you and your kids. Just to make you feel home when you come from office and your kids from school, and college. To motivate you and to stand by you, in your bad times. So, treat her as the Queen not a ordinary lady.


4. Do what you want to Do.
Do what you want to do and don’t care about what anybody going to say. Because if you are not happy, what you are doing now, then how will you find the success? So, Do what you like, do what you wanted to do, because if you think what will they think, then how you will able to do that. In addition to that, just tell us what you are going to do; maybe we can also help you building that thing pretty fast.

5. Don’t Waste Food.
You have worked hard for it, you have earn it, so, why are you wasting the food? When you are wasting the food, it means you don’t value your efforts. And when someone don’t value his efforts, how can you expect others to value you.

6. Invest Early as Possible.
Invest your money as soon as possible. There are only two ways of making money, either you work hard and starve, save the penny, and put them in your bank account or start investing the money, work smart and enjoy the dividends. So what’s your option.


7. Choose Your Friends Wisely.
Choose your friends wisely, because your good friends will bring out the best of you but your bad friends are always there to bring you down. So choose wisely.

8. Do your homework first and then PARTY HARD.
He always believe, just finish your homework first and then go play. According to him, there is no meaning of enjoyment, when you have not finished your homework.

9. Finish What You Have Started.
Finish what you have started, and even how hard it is. And if you are not able to do it, ask for help, learn new tricks, and then again go for the game. Always remember, finish what you have started, because it pinches more to leave work in the middle than not starting it.

10. Good Things Happens To Good People.
My father believes, “Good things happen to good people”. So try to be good, (except there are times, when you need to be bad) because good things happen to those who do good to others. And don’t cheat anyone, because you might be happy what you have done at that time, but when your consciousness awakes then it will be really hard for you.


Thank you Papa, for being there when I need you. And thanks for accepting my decision, even they cost you like hell. Thank you for everything.



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How To Find Yourself?

Is there any way to find yourself? Before answering the question, let me ask you the same, what will be your answer? You may answer, the way to find yourself is in your heart. True, but you haven’t told anything about the way.

The reason, you are not able to tell about the way, because there is no such a way. Because life is not what you think, life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. The way is to create yourself. So the question arises, how to create yourself not find?

It is four-point answer, and you need to understand each point before coming to any conclusion. Let me quickly list out the four points.

  1. Know your strength
  2. Live goals not dreams
  3. Learn from past
  4. Build relationships

Know Your Strength


Learn about your strong and weak areas. Learn where you are good and bad. It is not about doing what you want to do but doing what you are good. For example, someone who have good knowledge of music does not mean he can be singer or musicians, if person works on his strength if his strength lies in music, he can be sound engineer or music composer.

Sometimes, we freak out, and curse our lame jobs. Thanks to advice do what you want to do. We jump into bandwagon of becoming artist or writer or something popular. I am not saying you cannot be that. But the advice really does not mean that, it means, enjoy what you love to do and take out little time for yourself.

Instead of crying, learn your strengths and start working on them.

Live Goals Not Dreams


It is about goals not dreams. Dreams and goals are both same. But goals are dreams with plans and time deadlines. Make an action plan and achieve your goal.

Also start with small goals and then go for big ones. Because accomplishing small goals will allow you to understand and tackle the bigger ones. It also means to enjoy your small wins because the success is the sum of all your small feats.

Learn From Past


It is so humane to make mistakes. But it is not wise to not work on those mistakes. Learn from your past mistakes, and learn from others mistakes. Because if you do not work out, you are surely going to repeat those mistakes.

Build Relationships


There is Chuck Palahniuk quote, “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” Your persona is not of yours, when you meet others, you unconsciously grab some sort of their persona from them. That’s why they ask you to meet good people. When you meet good people, you learn from them. You have your renewed perspective.

Also building relationships is not about changing your persona and changing your perspective. These relationships can also help you in reaching your goals and setting new ones. So build relationships, and sustain them. Ultimately, they help you in creating yourself or what you say finding yourself.



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Powerful Two Word Phrases

Sometimes, you don’t need thousands of words, only two words can do the magic. Only two words can provoke the emotions and motivate you to do the great things. And here are those two words for you.


Be yourself. Because everything in the world is just taken. So be yourself.


Move from your past, your anxieties, your failures, you have cried enough. Now move on.


Free yourself from guilt of the past. The new world and new things are waiting for you.


No need to run away. Come back for those who were always with you.


Look up, the heaven is waiting for you. And you know this


Don’t dream small. Dream big. Dream big as much as you can. Chase them and live them. All you need to trust yourself.


Start living and start living in this moment. Because if you don’t start living now, how you will move from the past and look forward to the new life. So start living and enjoy the life.


I am what I am. Don’t you ever accept someone’s definition of you and also never change for them. You know who are you, all you need to do, go chase your dreams.


Define yourself. Define your attitude. Embrace the positivity and live in this wonderful moment.


Be Happy. Because you have every right to be so.


Be Fearless, because it is your time.


Accept yourself, because only when you accept yourself, the world will accept you.


I can because you know, you can. Accept the challenge and defy the odds.


The attitude defines it all, say beat me if you can and you will never be bored in life.


Stay positive, no matter what’s going on. Believe in yourself, there is always a way around.


Trust yourself. Trust your abilities. Trust good things do happen in life. Trust me that I trust you.


Work hard and work smart. Work till you find the glory.


Be honest. Don’t monger over the past. Accept your flaws. Flaws are beautiful. And define your worth.


Say game on. Gamify your life. Go for the glory.


Don’t Stop, you are already waiting for a while. Let’s not waste any more precious time.


Adversities are here to test your character. All you need believe yourself and stay strong.


Try again and try again. What happen if you failed, just try again and again and again, till you find the glory.


Lets go for the things, you have missed. Lets go for the life again.


Enjoy your life, because God only made men to enjoy life.


How many times, you have said these two words “THANK YOU”. Say now. Say thank you to those, who loved you, and supported you.

And that’s it…..